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Kodicom Stand-alone DVR Systems -

9Ch cameras real-time display and recording
High Image quality
High speed network transmission
Include various functions (motion detection, schedule, backup, etc.)
Easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface)
Supports VGA and mouse
Equipped with CD-RW
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Advanced backup schedule
  • Fast access to high quality digital recordings using "Intelli Search"
  • One channel Audio recording provides further verification of images
  • Quick and easy copy to internal CD-RW
  • AVI backup enables users to playback in all kinds of PC using Media Player
  • Watermark to recorded image to check the integrity of digital image
  • Compact Image Size saves HDD capacity (2~3 KB per frame)
  • Automatic image transfer to Remote PC under alarm or motion detection
  • Remote access support allows system adjustments without the need for a site visit
  • The facility to record a single channel of audio in real time. Audio can be played back directly from the unit via external speakers, copied to the internal CD-RW or to other media.
Bank, Apartment, House, Casino, Airport, Military, Jewelry store, Hospital, Parking Lot, Department store, and etc.
- Split screen : 1~ 9 cameras
- Live Display
- Digital Zoom
- User Defined Motion
  Detection with Audible Alarm
- Easy Operation with User
  Friendly GUI and On-Screen
- Search by Date, Time and Camera
- Various Search Functions :
  Play back, forward & backward,
  skip, slow motion, pause,
  frame by frame, zoom In/Out and
  brightness control etc.
- Intelli-Search Function
- P/T/Z Control up to 16 cameras
  (RS-422, RX Receiver-option)
- Function : Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus
  and Presets 

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