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Comparison between DVR and traditional Analog VTR
Item Analog Kodicom DigiNet DVR
Recording Analog Image High Resolution Image
Recording Medium VTR Tape (Frequent Change) High quantity Hard Disk
Continuous Recording Image Quality gets worse when recorded for a long time Unlimited Reuse
Image Search Takes long time to go through Search within one second
Image Quality Low Image Quality High Image Quality
System Maintenance Need have space to store tapes No maintenance is required
Image transmission function No function Transmission possible
Cost for Maintenance Recorded Tape, Head change for VTR and its following cost to maintain No cost for maintenance
Detection Area To a distance where cable can reach No distance limitation
Print Separate equipment is needed Output of High quality screen image, remote output and transmission, internally installed
Recording Record without any option Record by Sensor (Eliminate unnecessary recording)
Kodicom DigiNet 58216H/44216H/4416H are used in different areas

Business offices, apartment complexes, casinos, airports, military bases, jewelry stores, hospitals, parking lots, department stores, restaurants, subways, convenience stores, weather stations, etc.

What is DVR?

Previous method for recording CC-TV on tape with tape-recording equipment is an analog type. Therefore, it is very inconvenient to change the tapes frequently and it lowers the quality of image. However, a Digital Video Recorder or DVR, digitally records the video image so it provides clear image like a picture. It also has a function to record continuously so you don't have to worry about the frequent change of tapes. DVR, therefore, is a video recording surveillance system for the next generation and it is growing very rapidly. In addition to that, it has communication function which enables you to detect remoteness screen even from household and it contains a multi branch of up-to-date function.

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