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Live/ Record and Search Image, Backup Function

When detecting each site from the Remote Center, it will detect current situation of the site and record from the Remote Center at the same time. Also, it searches recorded image from each site and record the image to Remote Center's PC. Image from a long distance site can be simultaneously recorded from the Remote Center so it is possible to analyze a delicate part of the image as well. Also, you can use captured images for evidence from the Remote Center without actually visiting the site.

Simultaneous Multi Search Function

This function can search 16 recorded image simultaneously extremely fast.

Storing Recorded Image For a Long Time

Multi channel color/ black and white real time image capture technique/ black and white real time image display technique, high quality encoding, Image Routing Logic, real time compression codec technique, multi media storage technique etc. Uses various techniques to record data for a long time. Compression file size is approximately 2.5 KByte and this is the best compression rate in the world.

Schedule Recording Function

Set recording type (Continuous, Motion, Sensor, etc.) by Weekdays, Saturday, Sunday, holiday with hour and minute for each camera. Also, you can designate different holidays for different countries. Recording status can be confirmed easily from color of Intelli Search screen.

Emergency Screen Transmission Function

When an emergency occurs, emergency screen from the Remote Center will transmit automatically so it can be used as remoteness detection screen. Also, it can transmit maximum of 12 frame per second so basically real time image detection is possible.

Password Setting

This will automatically check the Remote Center's password during setup and communication time in order to prevent any modification by 3rd party.

High-Speed Center Detection

The Remote Center detects situation of sites by real-time and it is possible to search recorded image. Also, site's camera, control system can be controlled from the Remote Center. Image transmission is possible from LAN area for maximum of 200 frame per second. Several people may connect and detect together for one specific place and it can simultaneously detect and search 16 different places from the Remote Center.

Image Transmission and Control Function

Viewing current images and play back recorded via dial-up (PSTN), DSL, CABLE, ISDN, T1, and LAN, Download of images via dial-up (PSTN), ISDN, and LAN), Remote transmission auto control, and camera°¶s PAN/TILT control can be carried out on ISDN and LAN.

Emergency Screen Recording Function

When an alarm occurs an image will be automatically transmitted to an already set-up Remote Center.

Screen Adjustment Function

Luminosity, color tone, brightness, synchronism, and compression screen quality can be adjusted for each camera.

Motion Detection Specification Function

Users can draw 5 zones of detection on a single camera for motion recording as well as adjust the sensitivities of each camera.

Warning Sound Function When Motion Occurs

When a motion is detected a warning sound can be activated for a closer look at the event.

Auto Control Function

A programmable time can be activated to control: sign, illumination, siren, warning light, and etc (4,8, &16 control outputs).

External Monitor Output Function

Additional Monitor can be set up for a spot monitor.

Password Set-Up Function

Passwords can be setup to permit additional users to use a certain area of the program, as well as ability to block certain camera views.

Audio Recording Function

Image and audio for one channel can be recorded at the same time.

Audio Recording Function

Image and audio for one channel can be recorded at the same time.

Simultaneous Multiplex Recording Function

While detecting motions on many cameras, simultaneously captures and records without any loss of scenes for each camera.

High Quality Recording and Compression Function

Record at high quality by using a compression method of algorithm ENGINE-K. The size of compressed file is 160 x 120 = App. 1Kbyte, 320 °—240 = App. 2.5Kbyte, 640 °— 480 = App. 6Kbyte. This is the highest level of compression rate in the world.

Various Search Function

Play back, forward, fast forward, backward, skip, slow motion, pause, frame by frame, zooming up and brightness control etc.

Watch Dog Function

Periodically monitors the condition of the DVR System and automatically resets the system when an error occurs or any external phenomenon.

External Backup

Backup to Floppy, CD-RW, Tape Drive, External Hard Drive, ect.

Backup To AVI Files

DigiNet System's original data may be changed to AVI format to be played on either Window's media player or video player. Back up files can be created not only on the floppy drive, but also on the HDD, CD-RW, portable drive, network drive, and on-line drive that uses an IP address.


When video footage requires a higher level of authentication, digital watermarks can be embedded into digital video images to verify whether the recordings are genuine or have been illegally modified. Authentication can be verified easily using watermarks and would be valid as court evidence if required.


DigiNet Intelli Search is an efficient, use-friendly interface, capable of searching and retrieving video footage from large amounts of compressed recordings. Obtain clear and accurate image with easy referencing methods and a variety image editing functions.

Automated Remote Software Upgrade

Software upgrades and updated hardware drivers with added features are automatically downloaded to the appropriate hardware consoles as they become available.

Emergency Monitor

Whenever an emergency message is sent via the site function, "Motion for Emergency message", a function for real-time reception of emergency message and the center program is used to take the user directly to the site experiencing problems.

Two Way Audio

Real-time audio and video from designated locations are simultaneously transmitted to both the control center and designated web-DVR sites.

Motion Tracking Feature

A motion-tracking feature that has been developed that enables a camera to follow an object without manual intervention. When a moving object comes into the field of vision of the camera, motion tracking initiates automatic tracking of the moving object. This technology requires a speed dome camera. Speed dome cameras typically have 2 degrees of freedom (that is 360 degrees of rotational motion horizontally and 180 degrees of rotational motion vertically). Existing motion tracking technology operates at very slow speeds and not compatible with high-speed DVR systems. However, Kodicom became the first company to develop high speed tracking techniques, which make high speed motion tracking DVR systems possible.


An E-map is a graphical overview of an area indicating the locations of the cameras. This feature is particularly useful during the installation of a new security system as site locations where camera installation seems most appropriate can be easily identified. E-Map also provides a visual grasp of the vicinity to users who are unfamiliar or new to the area under surveillance. By viewing an E-map, security personnel can identify the surroundings and rush to a location immediately and secure an area.

Automatic Backup Site Function

According to reserved schedule, this function will automatically backup on specific drive from a site. Operating personnel do not have to physically visit the site to backup but it will automatically do the backup based on setup schedule. This minimizes complication for places that do not have network system.

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