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Your Most Professional Digital Video Recording (DVR) Systems

Kodicom DigiNet 58216H/44216H/4416H digital video surveillance systems - the most popular of its kind on the market - is installed at banks, offices, apartment complexes, casinos, airports, military bases, hospitals, parking lots, department stores, restaurants, convenience stores, factories, financial institutions, sporting arenas, schools, government facilities, as well as numerous retail businesses all over the world. In June, 2002 eighty DigiNet DVRs were supplied to eight of 10 World Cup Stadiums at Sang-Arm in Seoul, Moon-Hack in Inchon.

The advantages of DVR systems are quickly being realized by a variety of businesses and industries. DVR systems eliminate the hassles associated with analog CCTV Systems of having to change videotapes frequently.

It is expected that all VCR based video surveillance systems will eventually be replaced with DVR systems. DVR systems record digital images from analogue CCTV onto hard drives using a patented image processing and compression algorithm that was invented by Kodicom. This technology provides sustained high quality images. Combined with the software, DigiNet 9016/9216/9416 is able to offer customers a variety of digital surveillance features that give us an edge over our competitors.

Kodicom DigiNet 58216H/44216H/4416H Features
Real time remote surveillance by PC Monitor
Easy operation using a friendly user interface
More economical than the time-lapse V.C.R
High resolution digital Image. No degradation.
Permanent and event-controlled recording
Password Protection
Low management, operation and maintenance costs
Adjust recording speed camera by camera
Available concise surveillance, recording and search
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