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Kodicom DigiNet DVR is around the World
Hong Kong
Luk Fook Group Healthcare Centers
Hong Kong Government Secondary Schools
Hutchison Whampoa SME companies
Sing Tao Daily (Global China Group) ˇ@ ˇ@
World Wide
United States Department of Agriculture Asian Naval Base
The World Cup Stadium(8 out of 10 stadiums including Main Stadium)  US Armed Forces (Paju, Dongduchun, Daegu Districts)
Foreign Exchange Bank 1,040 Branches Naval 2nd Fleet Transmitting Station
Agricultural Cooperative Association 690 Branches  Kunsan Korea Maritime & Port Authority
Chohung Bank 450 Branches  East Sea Korea Maritime & Port Authority 
Subway CD/ATM 670 Corners Pusan #8 Pier
Hyundai Securities Co., Ltd. Each branch  Hyundai Securities Co., Ltd. Head Officeˇ¦s CEO and Executive Rooms
Kookmin Bank each branch 3M Yoido Head Office
Automated Financial Post Office Corners and Business Sites LG Investment Securities Co., Ltd. Each branch
Changwon Korea Heavy Industry  Daehan Investment Trust Securities Co., Ltd. Head Office
Chamshill Lotte World Junju, Paju, Goyang City Halls
Korea Stock Exchange, Yoido Head Office Suwon Water Industry
Korea Security Computerization, Yoido Head Office Prisons (Yeojoo, Seosan)
Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute City Railway Works
Pusan Hyundai Department Store Cultural Property Preservation Bureau
Shinheung Securities Co., Ltd. (Pundang Branch) Inchon International Airport
Seoul Arts Center  Yangyang Airport
CitiBank Hana Bank
Kyoungnam Bank H&CB, Kookmin Bank
The Defense Ministry BC Card Company
INIsteel Good Morning Securities Co., Ltd. 
Migliore (Suwon, Kwangju) Daehan  Investment Trust Securities Co., Ltd. POSCO
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